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Free C My Trees app with Australian Curriculum links for student use

Schools can have their trees added to a carbon storage inventory
and use their tree data to study a wide variety of curriculum topics.

The C My Trees app can be used for study purposes by accessing an inventory of trees at your school that can be created by ArborSafe Australia. Once trees are assessed, the app can access the tree data and present an array of subject matter from the carbon stored to offsets for energy under various metrics. A list of Australian Curriculum links where the C My Trees app could be utilised, along with some example lesson plans, are available for teachers to create relevant lessons from Years 3 to 10. Beyond lessons on sustainability and environment, areas of study include Science, Geography, Mathematics and Humanities and Social Sciences.

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The many features of C My Trees present an engaging learning opportunity for students of all ages.

Students can use C My Trees to examine the school’s tree inventory data via interactive mapping and view the carbon stored by tree or whole of school treescape. They can study how trees take up CO2 and store it as carbon within the wood structure and use C My Trees to examine the energy they, their family and the school uses and how many trees it takes to offset energy consumption. The app can be used at home as well as school to more deeply absorb the learnings gained from the lesson plans and C My Trees can be used for further topics and subject matter at various year levels. Schools can engage parents and the community in student activities and environmental studies as well as setting targets toward a carbon neutral footprint in an easy to understand manner.

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The C My Trees app is not only a great educational aid, it can also be used to empower your students’ belief in changing climate outcomes.

  • Free C My Trees app for student use
  • Suited to Primary and Secondary students
  • Suited to classroom and home use
  • Relevant Australian Curriculum links provided
  • Example lesson plans created for teachers
  • Great for sustainability and environmental focus
  • Suitable for Geography, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences lessons
  • Promote your school’s green credentials
  • Adjust targets based on school consumption
  • View carbon stored in energy usage equivalents
  • Document the carbon storage value of your trees
  • Engage with the community via the app’s features
  • Share the school’s carbon achievements with others
  • Empower students to change climate outcomes
  • QR code link your carbon data to parents and others

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